Black Lives, Black Words

In response to the brutal killing of George Floyd and the global #BlackLivesMatter protests, students from Royal Holloway’s department of Drama, Theatre and Dance rehearsed readings of four short plays from Black Lives, Black Words, Reginald Edmund’s International Project in which Black playwrights respond to the question: ‘Do Black Lives Matter Today?’

The performances were followed by a discussion about the plays as activist responses to #BlackLivesMatter debates in the USA and UK with Dr Melissa Blanco, Professor Lynette Goddard and our student performers and directors.



Directed by Lauryn Pinard

Cole: Ethan Chappell-Mason
Kim: Ashlee McIntosh

The Principles of Cartography

Directed by Tasia Marsh

Abi: Ashlee McIntosh
Cherry: Jodie Cozier
Cliff: Dominique Reid

My White Best Friend

Directed by Lauryn Pinard

Performer: Jojo Hills

Speaking For The Unheard Voices

Directed by Dominique Reid

Performers: Dominique Reid and Tasia Marsh