Efflorescence uses spoken word to explore pressures that present themselves when society is put on pause while nature continues to bloom.

Efflorescence is a short film that transports us to a moment of reflection.

Taking time to pause and reorient ourselves with our environment, specifically the rugged coastline and countryside landscapes of Dumfries and Galloway and Cornwall, Efflorescence provides us with an opportunity for us to stop and take stock in a world of seemingly never-ending turbulence and change.

Efflorescence asks us to consider what is next, how do we reorient ourselves with our environments – both ecologically and socially, and how can we distil theatricality from within the seemingly mundane?

Critical Reflection

Without theatrical practice being extremely limited due to Covid-19, we decided to capitalise on different mediums where we could develop our creative expression.

With the visual elements of Efflorescence acting as a mood board which inspired the spoken word, this project will act as a springboard as we continue to explore our theatrical practice post-graduation into the uncertain future of the theatre industry.

With the pressure of being graduates, having had no official or formal end to our degree, we took this as an opportunity to develop our craft beyond the temporal constraints of academic work. As Covid has recommodified time, we were keen to explore how this can present itself as a narrative topic, but also its influence on the creative process and collaboration.

About the Creators

Lucy Doig is an emerging actress and member of the National Youth Theatre. She has performed in Staging Suffrage (2018) and Dan Rebellato’s You and Me (2020).

Lucy Donald is an emerging producer who is a Royal Court Young Agitator, was part of this year’s National Student Drama Festival, and co-produced last year’s Departmental showcase Atmospheres::Experiences at Ovalhouse.

Lucy and Lucy are final year Drama and Theatre Studies at Royal Holloway. They have both been involved with numerous departmental projects including: The Deceiver Deceived (2019), Town Hall (Camden People’s Theatre 2019, Online 2020) and JUNK JUNK JUNK (The Student Workshop 2019). They have also collaborated on numerous academic projects throughout their degree, most recently as part of B.O.G.O.F Theatre Company’s Final Year Performance CYAN[IDE].