A short tech-noir film about forbidden love and a crisis of identity

Set in the near future when androids exist and are the lowest slave-like class in our society, Human shows us a brief conversation between two girls in a bedroom.

The two are in love and this would either be the last time they see each other, or they would have to run away together and escape for good.

As the conversation progresses, however, we come to understand that there is more to the story behind their love.

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Critical Reflection

The writing process took a significant portion of our time and our last sessions when we were most successful in producing the final drafts of the script included discussions about how language and movement reflect on the secrets that linger between people. Some of our influences were the films “Blade Runner” and “The Conversation”, the book “1984”, and the play “Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons”.

We split into two teams that would work on writing and researching respectively before the day of filming. The research team explored different angles and double coding of the cinematography for a film of the genre tech noir. Production lasted a day and we had some problems (such as mic battery draining), but ultimately the process was rewarding. We played around with coloured gels when setting up lighting to create an atmosphere. Editors decided not to include score in post as the simple soundscape of the dialogue was enough.

About the creators

Human was produced by Viktoria Shtereva, India Drew, Alex Girling, Tabitha Davenhill, Joanna Volchek, Isha Khaira, Max Carlo Zevo Dobson, Mohsen Ghaffari, Theodora Gyftaki, Katerina Constantinidi, Vasi Oikonomou, and Pratik Rai.

All are students in the Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance at Royal Holloway, University of London.