A documentary investigating the unifying power of the arts

Transcendence is a project focused on the unifying power of the Arts, investigating whether different art forms could be used to re-establish a sense of community by breaking down the boundaries that divide us.

In recent years, our political climate has generated consistent conflict and disagreement throughout communities across the world: from the American presidential election of 2016, to the Brexit referendum. As a result, our communities have become ‘fragmented by distrust, economic trials, ethnocentrism, and the silencing of our own knowledge’ through a fear of saying the wrong thing.

This ‘silencing’ became ever increasingly noticeable to me on my weekly commute on the London Underground. Despite being in close proximity to such a multiplicity of lives, I have never felt more distant from the community of people that surrounded me.

Creating Transcendence allowed an exploration into this distance and created perspective on the Arts as an ‘alternative to the harshness of contemporary political discourse that is so alienating to people’.

In the course of making the film, I interviewed and met with people from a multitude of artistic disciplines, representing many organisations. These included: Vox Luna, Brickfox Theatre Company, Shepard Tone Theatre Company, Alex Hick, Vilte Milciute, Aspasia Dimou, Holloway Notes, Stella Werth, Shauna Munroe, Darcy Rak, and the cast and crew of Town Hall

About the creator

Rosa Higgs is a final year English and Drama joint honours student. Everyone featured in the film is also either studying at or has recently graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London.