Frequently Asked Questions

How is this ‘festival’ going to work?

Because we’re doing this online, there are some limitations to what we can do. We’re not putting together a live, linear schedule. Instead we’ll co-ordinate pre-recorded video, audio and photographic performances and exhibitions.

These will be released and publicised at set dates in June and July, and promoted via School and Department social media feeds.

Each Department (that’s Music, Drama Theatre and Dance, and Media Arts) will be curating its own strand of exhibitions. You’ll hear about these directly from your own Department.

Click here for specific guidance about Music proposals.

Click here for specific guidance about Drama proposals.

To make sure that the festival is open to all, there’s also an Open Call. We invite proposals from any student or member of staff from any Department in the College.

We hope to accept as many proposals as possible, but if we get a really strong response we may have to be selective in what we accept. We’ll aim to create a balanced, diverse festival which reflects the broad range of perspectives and creative interests our departments contain.

What can I propose?

More or less anything! You can showcase work you have already created (whether as part of your degree, or something you’ve made outside of your studies). Or you can create a special piece of work just for this festival.

Your work can be video, audio-only, photographic, or text-based. Video work will be uploaded to a special YouTube channel for embedding in the Festival website.

If you want to create something which reflects the Coronavirus crisis the world is currently facing, or addresses the way in which your time at university has been shaped by recent events, you should feel free to do so.

If the work you want to propose doesn’t seem to fit within these categories, please email to discuss your ideas and technical requirements.

Are there prizes? Is there funding?

There are no prizes, there will be no Jury Selection. Our aim isn’t to pick winners but to showcase a broad range of creative work. A competitive festival seems inappropriate right now.

We regret that we’re not in a position to support contributions to the festival with any funding.

What are the terms and conditions?

If your proposal is accepted, we will ask you to agree that we can use images of, or short excerpts from, your work in order to promote and publicise the Festival.

OK, I want to propose something. How do I do that?

Please use this form to propose an online event, performance, or exhibition.

We’re accepting proposals until 5pm on Wednesday May 6th via this online form. Please fill as much of it in as you can, and leave blank any questions you cannot / do not wish to answer.

If you want to discuss your proposal with someone for your department, these are the key contacts:

For all other enquiries please contact Nick Hall (