Guidance for music proposals

Like all of you, we are grappling with the huge impact COVID-19 is having around the world, and in our daily lives. As we plan for our annual summer arts festival, we do not know if public gatherings will be feasible at that date, or if everyone will be “social distancing” and spending a lot of time at home.

Despite this uncertainty, we wanted to introduce you to Festival, Interrupted. Alongside a day-long exhibition hosted by the Department of Media Arts and virtual Student Workshops created by the Department of Drama, Theatre & Dance, we now open up the opportunity for students and staff at the Department of Music to submit a digital event for the festival.

There are many possibilities that you could propose, such as, but not limited to:

  • Live from Home Challenge: Record a musical performance at home for inclusion in the festival listing, and tag three friends to challenge them to respond with their own performances.
  • Go Rural: Get outdoors and explore nature. Find a remote location and live stream your performance from a beach, mountain, lighthouse, etc.
  • Online Music Lessons: Play an unusual instrument? Or even play an instrument we often see at a Royal Holloway performance? Why not present a 30-minute introduction to your instrument in way of a short music lesson, for inclusion in the festival?
  • Street Studios: Why not be part of a completely improvised music creation session! Record any sound or musical material for the festival and upload it to see what our hordes of talented composer/producers do to incorporate it into a musical track created on the spot, using only the submitted materials
  • Global Livestream: a long video stream of related digital events that will show the rich diversity of live music performances from around the UK and the rest of the world.

In this time of social distancing, performing art’s powerful role to bring us together as a community is more important than ever. While physical public gatherings may not be currently accessible, we can still stay connected online and celebrate music.

Important information

Please read carefully before submitting your application:

  • Performances can be of any duration; however, we would suggest that these digital events should be no shorter than five minutes and no longer than 45 minutes.
  • All successful festival events will take place on our dedicated website. Applicants should determine a suitable space for their digital event to take place before applying, preferably taking into consideration online connectivity via WiFi, personal hotspot or personal/handheld data.
  • We are not putting a limit on your creativity. We welcome submissions from all art forms, including – but not limited to – theatre performances, open air or promenade performances, contemporary, classical and world music, opera, dance performances or workshops, comedy, art exhibitions, installations, tours, creative writing, poetry readings, film, photography, talks, lectures, lessons, debate and media.
  • We aim to programme as many of the events as possible, so please ensure your proposal addresses many of the application criteria outlined.