Coffee Break(s)

Two nine-to-five workers battle it out to be the Employee of the Month

Coffee Break(s) is a slow, offbeat comedy fuelled by coffee, banjos, and competitiveness.

The short revolves around the subtly named Adam and Eve – two nine-to-five office workers. Adam is headstrong, and confident of his position in the race to be the company’s Employee of the Month, before things take a bitter and muddy turn.

Critical Reflection

This project was produced for the Moving Pictures module during the final year of my Film Television and Digital Production degree. Aside from focusing on the cinematography and restriction in dialogue (which I decided to just eliminate entirely), I was pretty much (and very clearly) left to my own devices: writing, directing, shooting, making coffee, etc.

The set was built and filmed in the TV studio on campus in two days with the help of some of the creative folks i’ve had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with while at Royal Holloway.

I wanted the short to be a love letter to cowboys, coffee, and the movie 9 to 5 (Colin Higgins, 1980). I haven’t seen a lot of Westerns, so I guess this is how I imagine they are in my head?

Many thanks to the Media Arts props department and the People’s Trusts for Endangered Species charity shop in Egham for lending clothes and props for the film!

About the creator

Graciela Mae Chico is a final year Film Television and Digital Production student at Royal Holloway. She’s a big fan of coffee, comedy, and Carol (Todd Haynes, 2015).