Lockdown Kitchen

“…women have always been in some form of a lockdown.”

While the world was getting used to lockdown, for many women being stuck in a room while the rest of the world rolled by was nothing new.

Lockdown Kitchen was inspired by a chance remark by Professor Victoria Mapplebeck who observed “…women have always been in some form of a lockdown” while discussing cooking and feeding the family which was often done by women in the household.

Her student Abhi Arumbakkam crowd-sourced responses from women in her circle about their relationship to kitchen and to cooking to create Lockdown Kitchen, which hopes to reflect her own ambivalence about this onerous and tyrannical task.

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Featuring the voices of: Meenakshi Jayalakshmi, Deepa Justus, Vani Saraswathi, Jayashree Sangameswaran, Bhavani Arumbakkam, Swarna Prasad, Kalyani Siva Verma and Abhi Arumbakkam

Created & Cooked by Abhi Arumbakkam

About the Creator

Abhi Arumbakkam is pursuing a MA Documentary by Practice at Royal Holloway.

A mature student, Abhi has returned to formal studies after a long hiatus and is keen to develop her creative practise from where she left a dozen years ago. She hopes to be commissioned to create work that tell compelling stories and reflect our diverse world. She writes plays and works part-time in a film and training company. She’s a mum trying to raise her sons to be kind and compassionate young people.