Mind The Gap

An intergenerational conversation between women of colour

There have been many discussions about equality and diversity in recent years. Inspired by these, Royal Holloway Media Arts finalist Emmanuel D-Whyte brought together a group of “Baby Boomer” and “Generation Z” women from diverse backgrounds for an open and honest studio discussion about women, feminism, race and gender equality.

Emmanuel explained: “This was a year that will most likely go down in history as one of the most scandalous years concerning the revelations regarding abuse and sexual misconduct in the workplace.

“Seemingly there have been various negative narratives portrayed as a result when it comes to women, feminism, race and gender equality. We believe women are more than victims of men’s mistakes and ignorance, they don’t always need protection.

“Many women fight, break stereotypes and are leaders in their own ways and fields. Focusing on the intersectional stories of women from Black and Asian Minority Groups, we want these clips to capture women empowering, celebrating and championing other women.

“It details a raw conversation between BAME women from the Baby Bust/Boomers generations with BAME women from Gen Z. They ask each other real questions to reveal more about what womanhood looks like for them in each of their worlds and how this has changed over time.

“We hope these conversations reveal the strength it has taken for each of the women to be successful in their own worlds.”

About the participants

Representing Gen Z:

  • Johanna Lim, a multi-faceted musician with many global performances under her belt;
  • Renee Landell, one of only 30 Black Caribbean funded UK PhD students out of 20,000;
  • Jodie Cozier, award-winning dance UK undergraduate president;
  • BME ambassador Zainab Elmubarak.

Representing Baby Bust/ Boomers:

  • Dr Lavanya Dua, who has served 30 years in the NHS but now works as a pastor whilst also still a passionate mental health campaigner;
  • Sonia Harris, published author, mother and mentor;
  • Dr. Vandana Dasia, Oxford almuna who received a scholarship for the postgrad course and has since gained a permanent position in a top UK geography department;
  • Dr Ling Xiao, accomplished senior lecturer in the financial management department of a top 20 UK university.

Critical Reflection

The project was meticulously planned and executed. There were many issues we encountered in the lead up to filming. However we managed these effectively and produced a finished result we were happy with.

There are some changes I intended to make but wasn’t able to due to the pandemic. Unstable shots were meant to be substituted with B-roll footage of the women’s lives: for example, pictures of them as children, or when they have achieved big landmarks.

We would also display the questions on screen, and we would divide the segments into clips based on the topics of conversation.

About the creator

Emmanuel D-Whyte

Hailing from diverse roots in Africa and East London, Mani is a dynamically ranged creative: a singer/songwriter, DJ, and radio host.

To him all these various facets are just avenues that echo corresponding messages. Influenced by real stories, and passionate about collaborations he endeavours for his work to reflect a world in which the neglected gleams of humanity can be more visible.

The untold stories, unheard voices, the disenfranchised groups: he aims for his work to resonate hope, inspiring and empowering people to make change in their own worlds.

Full Crew Credits

Floor Manager: Georgia De Souza
Director of Photography: Christina Tee
Camera Operators: Rebecca Mundy, Rebeca Wallace, Abdulilah Bukhari, Luke Hetherington, Raye Lee
Camera Assistants: Samuel Bassett, Lina Plamenova
Sound Operators: Yoyo How, Sophie Emma Lockley
Gaffers: Ella Robinson, Rebeca Wallace
Set Designer Alexia Tanas
Production Assistants: Aleksandra Gromul, Raphaela Obeng
Photographer: Clay Hakiziman
Visual Effects: Patri Sanchez
Vision Mixer: Abi Lum Kin
Assistant Producer: Kamila Largaba Terceros
Executive Producer-Director: Emmanuel D-Whyte

Produced with the support of the School of Performing and Digital Arts, Royal Holloway University of London.

Special thanks to the Royal Holloway African-Caribbean Society, Women of Colour Collective, Shzr Ee Tan, and Gail Pierce.