The Cups

A collision between difference and similarity

A film that is set in a dream, a mysterious force brings a girl in black to a place which has a culture different from hers. She meets a group of girls who don’t accept her openly. Thus emerges a conversation about difference and similarity.

The director, Raye Lee, says: “This is a short film that was adapted from a Japanese novel, The Dancing Girl written by Mori Ogai. I referenced Andrei Tarkovsky and Akira Kurosawa, learning how to illustrate a dream-like quality through Dreams and The Mirror.

About the creators

Raye Lee‘s specialities are art, directing and cinematography.

Rebeca Wallace specialises in directing and cinematography.

Joanna Csillag is devoted to her passions of directing, producing, and SFX makeup.

All three are studying Film, Television and Digital Production in the Department of Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London.