empty spaces

Air, space and music improvisation

Sunday, 28 June 2020 | 6.15pm – 6.20pm

“What is space? ’empty spaces’ for trumpet, piano and live electronics is an electroacoustic composition for trumpet and piano including air, space and improvisation.

’empty spaces’ is a conversation between space and time. It is a collection of thoughts of how space, time and sounds/noises communicate in order to create a soundscape. It also reflects on how space is formed within a political and social context. It also involves our place as human beings, the politics of our present time and the thought all of this triggers. And there comes the place of the listeners, who co-create the work through their experiences and imagination and by relating it to everything they know.

What is space? ’empty spaces’ was composed for Giannis Koudounas.

Performed by Giannis Koudounas (trumpet), Chiara Calastri (piano) and Antonia Kattou (live electronics), all undergraduate students at Royal Holloway University of London.

Images from the project

About the creators

Antonia Kattou

Antonia Kattou (b.1999 in Nicosia, Cyprus) is a composer based in London, whose music is heavily influenced by the eastern Mediterranean sounds of Rebetico (the Greek blues), traditional Cypriot music and Hellenic folk dance rhythms. Kattou is merging the aforementioned influences with the use of electronics and other western classical/contemporary techniques, and thus she is giving space to a contemporary context to appear in her works.

Kattou’s capacity for original thinking and handling of abstract concepts is extremely strong.  She is listed as one of the Young Generation Composers of CoMA 2020 Festival of New Music, while CoMA will officially publish her piece Music for Newspapers. Her works were performed and recorded mainly in the United Kingdom by ensembles and soloists.  Her original scores for documentaries, short films and advertisements reveal her media scoring aspect. Her film music is characterised by detailed and ornate timbres, experimental narrative structures and melodic phrases.

Kattou’s passion for composition and ethnomusicology led her to Royal Holloway, University of London where she is currently studying for her Bachelor in Music (BMus). 

Antonia Kattou studied composition with Dr Nina Whiteman, Dr Samantha Fernando, Dr Aaron Nahum Holloway, Dr Oliver Searle and film scoring with Mr Brian Lock. She also studied fugue and counterpoint with Dr Iakos Demetriou and orchestration with Aris Antoniades.

Giannis Koudounas

Giannis Koudounas is a Greek Cypriot musician and trumpet player based in London. He graduates from the Royal Holloway University of London in July with a BMus Honours degree specialising at trumpet performance. He is currently under the supervision of Mike Lovatt, Paul Archibald and Simon Munday. He is a regular visiting artist in the M.Y. Band in Cyprus where he gives masterclasses and 1:1 lessons to students of all ages. He performs with the Band as a Guest Principal trumpet player and soloist in various acclaimed international festivals and concerts with well-known artists. He has recently founded the “Brass Cats” ensemble where he performs in various competitions and concerts across the UK. Some of the most important artists and conductors Giannis have collaborated with include: Alice Zawadzki, Hayden Chisholm, Gileno Santana, Rebecca Miller, Brady Mould, Freddie Tapner. Petros Stylianou and Yiannis Hadjiloizou.

Chiara Calastri

Chiara Calastri is a third-year pianist specialising in performance and ethnomusicology at Royal Holloway University of London. She grew up in Italy studying Classical piano with Tatiana Larionova and Jazz with Francesco Grillo being part of Milan’s Scuola di Musica Cluster. She has performed at ’Pianocity Milano’, ‘Primavera di Baggio’ and BlueNote Milano, amongst others. She came to the UK to explore the subject of Ethnomusicology and has become passionate about music’s social impact and contemporary music performance. She currently teaches at World Heart Beat Music Academy in London.

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