International Music Feast

Join us as we share recipes, traditional music and culture from around the globe


In previous years we have celebrated Royal Holloway’s cultural diversity with an International Music Feast – an evening of sharing home-cooked food, alongside a colourful array of music and dance from around the world. COVID 19 stops us meeting in person this year, but we can still share food and music VIRTUALLY.

Visit this webpage for our recipe book of foods, music and dance from around the world, and you can even try making something yourself.

Henry Stobart
Event curator
Keep your eyes peeled for a live, interactive event where some of our content creators meet and discuss their submissions. Watch this space.

Recipe No. 1

Veggie Cornish pasties
with Will Finch

Recipe No. 2

with Shzr Ee Tan

Recipe No. 3

Hayam Ungkeb Nyonya Oom

Recipe No. 4

Atallpa lukru

Want to submit something?

You can still share your recipe and have it featured here.

We invite you to make a short video of cooking a favourite dish; something linked to your home, family traditions, or a part of the world with which you feel connected. Please give details of the ingredients, so others can also make and taste your dish too. If possible include some music, dance of theatre linked in some way to your dish, ideally performed by you and/or others in your home, or as a recording in the background.  

For more information, please contact