strange walks

A musical response to migration and climate change

Sunday, 5 July 2020 | 6.15pm – 6.20pm

strange walks illustrates the migration and contextualisation of indigenous people due to climate change. The piece is heavily influenced by the Sámi People and their joik. The joik is a traditional form of song in Sámi music performed by the Sámi people of Sapmi in Northern Europe. Traditionally, joiks have short lyrics or no lyrics at all. It is traditionally chanted a cappella, but in modern times may be accompanied by a drum or other musical instruments. The tonality of the joik is mostly pentatonic. The composer attempts to illustrate the joiks by using vowels and no lyrics and by using the piano as a percussive instrument.

strange walks was composed for Anastasia Karaviti- Schurer, who also expressed how she was interested in applying ethnomusicological aspects into a contemporary compositional context.

About the creators

Antonia Kattou

Antonia Kattou (b.1999 in Nicosia, Cyprus) is a composer based in London, whose music is heavily influenced by the eastern Mediterranean sounds of Rebetico (the Greek blues), traditional Cypriot music and Hellenic folk dance rhythms. Kattou is merging the aforementioned influences with the use of electronics and other western classical/contemporary techniques, and thus she is giving space to a contemporary context to appear in her works.

Kattou’s capacity for original thinking and handling of abstract concepts is extremely strong.  She is listed as one of the Young Generation Composers of CoMA 2020 Festival of New Music, while CoMA will officially publish her piece Music for Newspapers. Her works were performed and recorded mainly in the United Kingdom by ensembles and soloists.  Her original scores for documentaries, short films and advertisements reveal her media scoring aspect. Her film music is characterised by detailed and ornate timbres, experimental narrative structures and melodic phrases.

Kattou’s passion for composition and ethnomusicology led her to Royal Holloway, University of London where she is currently studying for her Bachelor in Music (BMus). 

Antonia Kattou studied composition with Dr Nina Whiteman, Dr Samantha Fernando, Dr Aaron Nahum Holloway, Dr Oliver Searle and film scoring with Mr Brian Lock. She also studied fugue and counterpoint with Dr Iakos Demetriou and orchestration with Aris Antoniades.

Anastasia Karaviti-Schurer

Anastasia Karaviti-Schurer is a graduating Music student from Royal Holloway University of London. During her time at university, she was vocally trained by Elaine Pearce. When in her hometown of Thessaloniki in Greece, she was tutored by Marina Voulogiani. Anastasia is currently developing her own musical career as a singer-songwriter. 

Enzo Buttazzoni

Enzo Buttazzoni is a third-year undergraduate music student, pianist, singer and composer. He is passionate about all things music, including contemporary music performance. After graduation, he hopes to begin a career as an educator, harnessing the potential for music to inspire, enhance and impact the lives of young people.

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