The Valley

A meditative journey to rethink the definition of noise and peace

THURSDAY, 2 JULY 2020 | 7.30PM – 8.00PM

An ambient and electroacoustic music work composed using modular synthesiser. In this piece the audience is experiencing the environment in a way that one becomes to the valley, as if the human and nature merge into one single unity. The audience, thus, is now in an immersive position to enjoy the music while applying the practice of deep listening, triggering a meditative function to rethink the definition of peace in relation to sense of the present, and sense of the space. By interacting the modular synth with modulations of various control voltages, it suggests similar timbres and textures found on Chinese instrument guqin.

About the creator

Xiaolian Zhang, also known as Stefan, is a third year PhD student studying music composition at Royal Holloway.

His research and composition often draw inspiration from contemporary sonic practice and his Chinese cultural heritage. Besides experimental music, he also composes music for film, video games and commercial.

Visit his website for the latest music release:

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