An archival performance of Leonard Bernstein’s ‘Chichester Psalms’

THURSDAY, 18 JUNE 2020 | 7.00PM – 7.30PM

Royal Holloway Chorus
David Whitworth (Countertenor)
Cecily Beer (Harp)
Ben Giddens (Organ)
Rupert Gough (Conductor)

Listen to an archive performance of Leonard Bernstein’s ‘Chichester Psalms’, from the College Chorus in 2017. It’s now 55 years since the piece was composed and first performed, and it remains as fresh as ever. The chorus team up with Ben Giddens (Organ), and Cecily Beer (Harp), alongside percussionists from the university to perform this three-movement work, in Hebrew. The soloist in the middle movement is countertenor, David Whitworth. Full of invigorating rhythmic sections which contrast with the crafted melodies in the second and final movements, this work has remained a favourite of choirs since its first performance.

About the creators

The largest choral ensemble at Royal Holloway, the College Chorus, is regular favourite in the annual International Concert Series, where around 100 students from around the campus perform choral classics to unearthing musical gems of the past and the present. The College Chorus is led by Director of Choral Music & College Organist, Rupert Gough.

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