Unusual instruments

A two-part virtual lesson on the pipe, tabor and the melodeon

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Join undergraduate BMus student Fiz Markham as she introduces you to unusual instruments. Below you will find a two-part series, one for the melodeon and the other for the pipe and tabor.

In these videos, Fiz describes the instruments, how they are used, how they work and even gives information on how to take up the instrument yourself.

Part 1

Part 2

About the creator

Fiz Markham is a mature student completing her BMus degree at Royal Holloway. She plays Bass clarinet in the Royal Holloway Symphony Orchestra, and has done so for four (very enjoyable) years. Fiz is hoping to continue her studies studying for an MMus. Outside of her studies, she enjoys singing, playing folk music, morris dancing, conducting and teaching music.‚Äč